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Finden Sie hier alle meist gestellten Fragen zur Handhabung und den Funktionen von Work2Report. Ist Ihre Frage hier nicht aufgeführt? Dann kontaktieren Sie uns bitte durch unser Kontaktformular.

General questions

I can't log in, what should I do?

Please reach out to bexio's support.

I have been working today, but my current hours are on 0, how come?

You have not yet recorded any time in bexio. As soon as you have recorded your achieved working hours in bexio, return to Work2Report and simply click on «Update data». The overview will fetch the latest data from bexio and display your currently recorded work hours.

I'm receiving an error message, what am I supposed to do?

Please send an e-mail to containing the following information:

  • Sequence of actions leading to the issue

  • Screenshots explaining the error message

  • You're user role (employee, manager or administrator) in Work2Reports

  • You're user role in bexio (access rights)

We will check the matter and get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm working one day per week and I already achieved my workload this week. Why is my daily workload still asking for 8.5 hours?

8.5 hours is what your company defines as a workday, which adds up to a working week of 42.5 hours. If you're displaying the overview with the display mode «100%» the daily workload asks for 8.5 hours. In this case check the «Week» box, where it should show, that the weekly workload is already accomplished.
Choosing the display mode «According to workload» will show how many hours need to be done per day, if spreading your workload of 8.5 hours over 5 days per week. In this example you would need to work 1.7 hours per day to achieve your expected workload of 8.5 hours over the week.

Why is the whole pie chart colored magenta?

In this case no recorded work hours have been assigned to a project in bexio. Go to your bexio account and assign each time entry to a client as well as a project.

Where are Work2Report's servers located?

All of Work2Report's servers are located in Switzerland. Therefore, all the data is processed in Switzerland.

Which data of mine does Work2Report save and store?

Work2Report saves data, which is not available through bexio but necessary for Work2Report to correctly evaluate the working hours. Such information includes but is not limited to full-time or part-time employment, vacation credits, public holidays and more, which is all data that has to be input manually by you within the settings of Work2Report.

In order to be able to evaluate the recorded hours, Work2Report fetches this data from bexio. The fetched data usually only includes the reported hours, which are necessary in order to display the current period and will be saved by Work2Report temporarily. Whenever the mentioned data is being updated, which happens with every new login or when clicking on the button «Update data», the previously retrieved data will be deleted and replaced by the newly fetched data from bexio. This system guarantees that Work2Rerport never stores more data than actually needed, makes sure that there is no data history and that only the for the current display needed data gets retrieved from bexio.

Additionally, Work2Report stores the company's contact data in order to sent out invoices to active Work2Report users.

Furthermore, Work2Report has no tools in use, which evaluate the stored numbers. For privacy policy matters Work2Report intentionally decided against the use of Google Analytics.

Is Work2Report able to view my personal Work2Report-account?

It is not possible for Work2Report to log into a client's Work2Report account and to view the data and the dashboard as the client uses and views it – also not for support purposes. It is not possible because the client's login is connected to their bexio login. Work2Report does save certain data though, which can be viewed by the Work2Report support team in the Work2Report data bank. What data exactly gets saved and stored by Work2Report is explained in the question «Which data of mine does Work2Report save and store?».


Users who manage several users in the role of a team leader, manager or administrator have access to further settings. Find possible questions and answers regarding these settings here.

I logged into Work2Report and now on the landing page. What's next?

You will be led through the set-up and configuration process.

  • Firstly, you will need a vacation project. Choose an existing one or create one in bexio.

  • Secondly, set an employment period for each employee. You can do so under settings > user > periods.

Why must there be a vacation project?

Without a vacation project employees aren't able to record vacations in bexio and Work2report can't calculate and show an employee's vacation credits.

Why can't I access the settings for users, employment periods and public holidays?

You don't own any access right for these areas. You Work2Report role needs to be set to «Manager» or «Administrator» in order to see said settings. Additionally, you will need the following access rights in bexio too: «Contact - View - All», «Time/service data - View - All» and «Projects - View - All».

I want to cancel my Work2Report subscription, how can I do that?

Subscriptions can be cancelled by the end of a quarter as long as the one month cancellation period is met. To cancel your subscription log into Work2Report and find the menu tab «Settings». Choose the sub point «settings» and you will be taken to the cancellation site. Please note, only users with the «administrator» role are able to cancel a subscription. By doing so the subscription for your whole organization or company will be cancelled. If you want to remove only one user, you can do so under «Users».

My test version has expired and I can't log in to my account anymore. How can I keep using Work2Report?

If the test version has already run out before you got to activate the full version, please contact us via We then can activate the full version for you and you will be able to keep using your account without having to set it up again.